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Welcome to Tokyo Valentino Lifestyle Club

Definitely makes the "BEST CRAZY DATE NIGHT"
We are a BYOB Venue

Our club is always crowded but peak times are M-F 12PM to 2PM, and from 5PM to 7PM. The location is open 24/7 with the exception of Wednesday morning when we close for 8 hours (2AM to 10AM) to thoroughly clean and repair. Our facility has 24/7 janitorial service constantly keeping the entertainment areas clean and spotless.


  • 8 Amsterdam style booths, open & private play rooms, dark rooms
  • Shower/Locker/Massage rooms
  • Private bedrooms with leather day beds
  • 50 parking spaces in rear of the building not visible from the street
  • Towels, locks, shower shoes, lube, condoms available for purchase
  • There is no additional charge for play areas or showers.
  • Private Bedrooms are $20/hour, Deluxe Master Suite is $40/hour
  • FREE Wi-Fi



404-698-5219 | chris@fegholdings.com



Hush Nights
Sexy Fridays
Seductive Saturdays
After Hours Saturdays


Cusomer's about us

This place is JUMPING on the weekend for all you freaks out there. Especially gay guys... I happen to be straight. However, I have a selected friend I love to take to this place for the GLORY HOLE fun. If you do not know what a GLORY HOLE is..please google it. Things can get down right nasty and exciting in here if you know what I mean. So if you are into that type of thing... please check out the video booth area. Do not knock it until you try it!

Michael S.

Union City, GA

Took my first visit today during the lunch hour. It was so much more than I was expecting. I only used the Video Booths area, but had a great time. Not sure why the owner told me the video booths were continuous free play, though. They definitely require cash. But not a big deal, as I came prepared for that. I will definitely be cumming back and hope to see more of what they have to offer!

John C.

Peachtree City, GA

Great fun adult place ; it's all about having fun and enjoying the moment , place is 24/7 smoking is not allowed . Traffic is everywhere , people tend to get along , fun nights and lgbt friendly . It's bad people all over Atlanta all over the world . Only place they had trans entertainers . Great event for Atlanta pride !

Aubrey E.

Savannah, GA

This store is HUGE and the staff is hilarious. They made me feel comfortable in a setting that can be , well a bit in-comfortable or nervous in front of others. They have a hole bondage room upstairs with every thing you can think of but I was able to find this cool body art set that I can't wait to try :). Probably one of my favorite stores to go to.

Lola S.

Marietta, GA

The downstairs portion is also great as well. my girlfriend and I go down there sometimes. thats all im gonna say about THAT lmaoo. I just wish that downstairs it was more of a lounge feeling. Instead of a bunch of guys just standing around like creeps. and also if there was a lot more sexually open women down there instead of just a bunch of guys thaf would be great.

Assorted B.

Stone Mountain, GA


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